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Dermovia’s SkinXpert brings the benefits of cosmetic science to skin care in your own home. It’s breakthrough technology combines high-frequency, alternating-polarity charged ions with magnetic fields and the latest cosmetic technologies.Learn More

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Using our skincare devices is similar to doing exercises for the facial muscles. With consistent use, you’ll see results after a short period of time. Download the Xpert device manuals here.Learn More

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We have products for all skin types. Each one of our Skin Care Systems all-inclusive product lines were designed for specific skin types and conditions, making it easy for you to chose the right products. Whether dry, oily, or somewhere in between, our Systems provide effective solutions for any skin type.Learn More


  • What is skin made of?

What is skin made of?

  • May 22nd, 2013

Between deciding which moisturizer to use, what level of sun protection factor (SPF) you […]

What Client’s Say

I have suffered with acne for over 10 years.  The product helped rejuvenate my skin and lighten the color of acne scars.  I love detoxifying my skin. Great product!
S. Wong
I have been using the EyeBright system for about 2 ½ weeks and have been overall very happy with the product.
Its versatile in that it will travel easily and for me that is important, because I can use it on a plane, train, or while sitting about home in front of the TV, you just need a mirror.
I have seen a dramatic difference in the appearance and lift.
The cream and serums are easy to use and easily absorbed.
it is easy to use as it only requires one hand, though the wand does require getting used to or finding one’s own perfect position.
This is a miracle! Experience the effects of a facelift without the surgery.  So easy to use with instant results you can see immediately.  I love my Dermovia!  I highly recommend it for awesome, uplifted skin.
J. McDaniels

Did you know?

A peptide is a chain of two or more amino acids joined together that build protein.

What role do peptides play on our skin? They stimulate cell renewal thus building collagen and elastin and diminishing wrinkles.

How do peptides work?

  • Thought to stimulate cell activity by interacting with molecules that can signal cells to produce more collagen.
  • Act as a messenger between the epidermis and dermis  This communication is important as it naturally breaks down as we age.  The breakdown in dialogue is one of the causes of aging.
  • Fatty molecules can be used to guide the peptides down deeper into the skin.  The chain of amino acids can be altered as well so that the penetration level to the deeper levels of the skin is achieved.
  • Amino acids help retain moisture in the skin and enhance the circulatory process.
  • In vitro studies show that “lipo-peptides” help attract cells to other sites that need repair and contributes to the reconstruction of the dermis.  Ceramide 2 strengthens and repairs the skin’s barrier.  It improves cell cohesion, enhancing water retention and reducing skin dryness.