Dermovia Skincare Technology

Dermovia’s SkinXpert is a proprietary breakthrough skincare technology – the first to combine high frequency alternating polarity charged ions with magnetic fields and cosmetic technologies for home use.

Treatment with SkinXpert and EyeXpert results in an immediate cosmetic skin tightening that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and skin laxity, followed by the stimulation of new collagen production that results in thickening of the dermis.

Dermovia’s SkinXpert and EyeXpert are the first devices of their kind to use combinations of electro-current muscle stimulator, magnetic field, polarity oxygenating ions, high-frequency galvanic and ultrasound vibration waves. Our skincare devices feature customized modes of treatment making them the ideal choice for combating various symptoms of skin conditions.


1. Ultrasound

Ultrasound uses acoustic waves at a precise frequency to deliver the ion-charged ingredients in DERMOVIA’s activation treatment serums deep into the skin to the area where skin cells are formed. The sound waves to help build, tighten, lift and stimulate tissues under the skin to increase collagen production.  The energy penetrating the surface creates tiny pockets of heat, which in turn, spur the body’s healing response. More collagen means tighter, younger-looking skin.

2. Static magnetic field (Polarity Oxygen Charged Ions)

The magnetic field works to help damaged skin cells reform and rejuvenate. This self-healing energy enables the skin to sustain its new healthy structure longer term and delays aging process. This deep treatment generates fast and visible improvements to the skin and acts as a natural cleanser that helps reduce pore size. Enriched charged oxygen ions circulate blood flow and activate nutrients to repair damaged skin structure and awaken tired, old cells.




3. Micro-current (Electro-Muscle Stimulator)

A gentle electrical stimulation used to support skin correction by encouraging the repair process for compromised skin. Damaged skin requires a program of restoration that is gradual and progressive for long-term optimum health. Microcurrent gently encourages repair of every layer of the skin to foster a healthier state. Cosmetic microcurrent is beneficial for improvement in the appearance of the skin and facilitates absorption of hyaluronic acid into the skin. The treatment plumps up the skin to restore a youthful appearance.

4. Galvanic High Radio Frequency Wave

Radiofrequency causes collagen under the skin to contract, resulting in a skin-tightening effect. Using a high level of radiofrequency energy to heat the skin to tighten and rejuvenate the skin’s collagen structure, which weakens with age and exposure to sun. High frequency waves works in partnership with the magnetic field technology to build up cell energy. This internal energy helps the skin with its self-healing.

How It Works

penetrates deep into your skin.

Deeply cleans pores by removing
excess oil sebum deposits, dirt,
pollutants and impurities while
clarifying skin tone.

Tightens, lifts and tones aging skin,
while exercising facial muscles and
correcting undefined contours that
can cause wrinkles and restores

Increases elasticity and replenishes
skin with nutrients to promote youth
and radiance. The micro-vibration
massage feature helps stimulate
blood circulation and improves skin

Replenishes lost moisture in the
skin and increases elasticity.
It improves the tone of your skin
and reveals a clear and soft


Our skincare technology is similar to doing exercises for the facial muscles. The results are evident after a short period of time with consistent use. Your facial muscles will also establish muscle memory over time to strengthen, tighten and lift the skin around these muscles. High frequency waves will stimulate collagen production and brighten skin tone. Our skincare system and tools are developed as home maintenance treatments that are easily built into your daily skincare regimen to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

Cell structure Repair and Skin Matrix Rebuilding Micro-current.

When your skin ages and the first wrinkles or lines appear, the reasons are predominantly genetic. Environmental effects or factors depending on the behavior, like smoking or stress, can also lead to an early deterioration of your skin. The first step in skin correction is to determine the level of damage caused by sun damage, the aging process, and other skin conditions.

However, skin-aging is the result of another important factor – the permanent degradation of the hyaluronic acid in the skin. Hyaluronic acid is actually the moisture reservoir of your skin. It stabilizes the elastic and collagen fibers and protects our cells against free radicals. If you have ever seen dried earth pervaded by cracks, you can imagine what happens to our skin when its water reservoirs are empty: lines and wrinkles appear.

Every living cell is charged with a certain amount of vigor and energy that diminishes as we age. Our advanced system subtly recharges the cell by the use of alternating charges of polarity ions with magnetic fields channeling a micro-current that mimics the skin’s natural electrical charge. The strength of current as well as the combined FDA cleared proven skincare technologies make up Dermovia’s innovation that revolutionize the science of rejuvenation.

Collagen production: Older cells need to be recharged and energized from their aging state

Our Manuals

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SkinXpert Manual

EyeXpert Manual