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Dehydrated or stressed skin? Then Lace Your Face with this mask by Dermovia

Posted by Anita Sun

From beautyinfozone.com

Beauty Info Zone is the creation of two women, Marcia and Lisa.  They have been blogging about cosmetics since the late ’90’s, and are so crazy about cosmetics they each became makeup artists.  Both Lisa and Marcia are certified teachers with a combined 50 years+ in education, and they value correct, detailed information about products as well as the importance of an easy to read, fun writing style.

What beautyinfozone.com had to say about Dermovia's Lace Your Face Mask

“...When you love using a face mask then you want to try out a variety of types. Why not try one that is not only effective but pretty at the same time? Dermovia makes LACE YOUR FACE MASKS that do that for you. You just don’t look as scary wearing this full face mask. But what’s important is that this really works. Dermovia has 3 current “flavors” of Lace Your Face masks with more coming soon so it will be hard to choose which one you want to use. I was sent the Calming Chamomile to try and let me tell you it’s a winner!"

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