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Lace Your Face "Restorative Heroes" Duo

$ 28.00

Pack of 2 Masks
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Lace Your Face "Restorative Heroes" Duo

The Lace Your Face "Restorative Heroes" Duo powerhouse duo is a 2-week treatment designed to help repair and hydrate your skin. Each mask provides compression and helps ensure the formulas absorb into the skin. For best results, use each mask twice per week and get ready to feel amazing!

Week 1 - Rejuvenating Collagen contains ingredients that have been known to help elasticity and hydration in the skin. 

Week 2 - Smoothing Peptides contains ingredients that have been known to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles while providing intense hydration for softer and younger looking skin.

Original Value at $30, sold for $25 in set.

International and Domestic Patent No. US D768,927 S

United States Utility Patent No. 10,182,637

Benefits of Compression

Facial compression helps enhance absorption of our advanced serums. Our patented ear loops and chin strap comfortably secures the mask to your face so you can multitask while you mask!

Dermovia benefits of Compression skin care technology

Biodegradable Stretch Cotton Fabric

Our lace masks are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and 100% chemical-free

Dermovia biodegradable cotton fabric


Each pouch contains enough serum for a second use

Dermovia 1 mask 2 uses

Medical Grade Sterilization

Each mask is subjected to a double Ethylene Oxide sterilization process that keeps it antimicrobrial

Dermovia medical grade sterilization

How it Works

Our products are focused on using a Layer Delivered System that infuses active ingredients to defined areas of the skin in order to achieve the best results. It consists of materials that push ingredients to penetrate every layer of the skin in three steps: open pores, infuse nutrients and seal to protect.

Dermovia how does it work

Water-based Formula

Our formulas are water-based. Water molecules are smaller, which means that ingredients penetrate faster through the skin causing more absorption of active ingredients.

Dermovia water based formula