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Rice Sake Series by Dermovia

The Sake Kasu Series is a heartfelt tribute to our founder's formative years spent immersed in the rich culture of Japan. As a young girl, our founder had the unique opportunity to live in Japan, where she delved deep into the intricacies of its traditions, rituals, and, notably, its revered skin care practices.

During her two transformative years in Japan, she became captivated by the meticulous care and attention the Japanese people gave to their skin. She learned firsthand about the time-honored techniques, natural ingredients, and holistic approaches that have been passed down through generations. Our founder dedicated herself to studying and mastering these ancient skincare techniques. Drawing inspiration from the natural ingredients and performance-driven methods she learned in Japan, she created a line that encapsulates the essence of Japanese beauty rituals while catering to modern skincare needs.

Dedicating nearly 40 years of research and development, each product in the Sake Series is custom-formulated with carefully selected, time-proven natural ingredients. These ingredients are not only effective but also reflect the founder's deep respect for the Japanese tradition and her dedication to providing transformative skincare solutions.

Experience a complete renewal from the inside out with Dermovia's Sake Kasu Series. Embrace the wisdom and nourishment of ancient Japanese skincare rituals, tailored for today's discerning skin health enthusiasts.