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Our Philosophy

Empowering beauty one face at a time, our brand is dedicated to offering results-driven skincare solutions. We prioritize the importance of what goes onto your skin, recognizing its impact on your overall health and well-being. Designed for modern, dynamic lifestyles, our multitasking skincare tools simplify your routine, eliminating the hassle of complicated applications. We take pride in our innovations, ensuring you don't settle for ineffective solutions. At every life stage, Dermovia is your go-to skincare, eliminating guesswork and allowing you to shine. We grow and evolve with you, providing products that address any skin concern. From proprietary facial masks to a complete skincare range, Dermovia helps you achieve younger, brighter, and healthier skin.
Anita Sun, Founder of Dermovia


Anita Sun grew up in San Francisco as a second generation clinical esthetician. She knew first-hand the importance of maintaining healthy skin from a young age. After graduating from college, she worked for more than two decades in the medical aesthetics world alongside doctors to help treat severely injured skin conditions from burns to skin cancer. Anita grew passionate about her work and even more so her ultimate desire is to help people achieve beautiful skin but she was aware that visits to a professional could be costly and out of reach for many.

In her work, she learned that layering knit cotton gauze with bandage compression was the most effective way to apply the necessary treatments to the skin for optimal results. She decided to make it her own mission to develop specialized products through her years of skincare expertise that really works to resolve skin issues for everyone at home.

Anita created the first wearable compression facial mask inspired by a special blend of stretch cotton gauze she used in the clinic that triggers effective absorption. Lace Your Face was born to mimic that particular gauze. Lace symbolizes beauty and strength just like the skin we all want to have.

Rice Sake Series

Dermovia’s Rice Sake Series is a heartfelt tribute to our founder’s formative years spent immersed in the rich culture of Japan. As a young girl, our founder had the unique opportunity to live in Japan, where she delved deep into the intricacies of its traditions, rituals, and notably, its revered skin care practices.

During her two transformative years, she became captivated by the meticulous care and attention the Japanese people gave to their skin. She learned firsthand about the time-honored techniques, natural ingredients, and holistic approaches that have been passed down through generations.

Our founder dedicated herself to studying and mastering these ancient skincare techniques. Drawing inspiration from the natural ingredients and performance-driven methods she learned in Japan, she created a line that encapsulates the essence of Japanese beauty rituals while catering to modern skincare needs.

Dedicating nearly 40 years of research and development, each product in the series is custom-formulated with carefully selected, time-proven natural ingredients. These ingredients are not only effective but also reflect the founder’s deep respect for the Japanese tradition and her dedication to providing transformative skincare solutions. Experience a complete renewal from inside out with Dermovia’s Rice Sake Series.

Mission Statement

Dermovia’s mission is to provide a clinical-approach to skincare for those looking for preventative and effective treatments developed by a skincare professional. Our products are formulated with natural science-backed ingredients and we use eco-friendly materials to offer innovative skincare applications that are performance driven for visibly lasting results right at home.

Vision Statement

Dermovia’s vision is to become the “go-to” skincare beauty brand that customers trust to solve various skin issues they face throughout their lives. We want to establish quality, innovation, and effectiveness in our customer’s hearts. Dermovia promises to offer only the best solutions from a skincare expert’s expectation of what skincare should be.