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Our Philosophy

We are on a mission to make people look and feel beautiful- one face at a time. We believe that what goes onto your skin matters, and we've poured our heart and soul into creating solutions that fit an active and busy lifestyle.

Experience the Dermovia difference!
Anita Sun, Founder of Dermovia


The visionaries of Dermovia, CEO and Medical Esthetician Anita Sun and Co-Founder and Beautyprenuer Mariella Scott, have a passion for creating effective solutions that solve everyday skincare problems. They are raising the bar when it comes to innovation in skin health and beauty, and they are now bringing these results-oriented products to the world, starting with Dermovia’s premiere shapewear lace facial masks.

During the downturn in the economy, many consumers had to make sacrifices to save time and money on skincare treatments. This fueled our founder's passion to develop specialized products that were not only affordable and convenient to use, but that also performed as well as a visit to the Esthetician.

It’s no secret that for decades many have sought out the notion of the “Fountain of Youth”. Yet, with so many choices on the market, we know it is difficult to determine what products really work. We formulated our skincare regimen to show immediate results, and address the changing needs of skin so that you can achieve strong, balanced, and youthful looking skin at any age.

Mariella Scott, Founder of Dermovia

Our History

Anita and Mariella

Anita Sun Eisenberg worked for more than a decade as a Medical Esthetician, helping to heal skin that had been damaged from serious injuries, burns and cancer treatments. She knew the value of routine skin treatment for everyone, but was also aware that visits to an esthetician could be expensive and out of reach for many. Doing a facial at home can often be a messy and time consuming project– slathering on the necessary ingredients and then lying down so they don’t slip off, and then waiting…..

Anita developed a passionate desire to provide specialized products that would be affordable and convenient, and most important easy to use by the average person at home.

In her work as a medical esthetician, she had learned that layering knit cotton gauze with bandage compression was the most effective way to apply the necessary treatments to the skin. She explains that not only “is it incredibly breathable and absorbent, it possesses the keen ability to retain moisture and transfer trapped excess out of the pores at a quicker rate.”

She teamed up with Mariella Scott, who worked in the beauty industry, and they founded Dermovia in 2014. Experimenting with different materials, they created a wearable facial mask from a special blend of cotton gauze with just the right amount of compression to be soothing. They picked lace because it is a “material that symbolizes beauty and strength.” And the chosen material led to the unique name: “Lace Your Face Mask.”