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Skin Cycle 100% White Jade Roller

According to traditional Eastern skincare rituals, jade rolling is used to boost circulation, balance skin tone, and to heal the skin to give your complexion a youthful glow. Dermovia Skin Cycle's White Jade Roller helps alleviate puffiness while stimulating cell growth and improving skin elasticity.


Handcrafted from 100% white jade, this stone is known to heal the skin to absorb and release energy trapped in the face and body. Massaging a few minutes a day on a regular basis can help de-puff and drain unwanted toxins, contour the face, and help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.


• Reduces the appearance of small wrinkles
• Improves product absorption for maximum benefits
• Tones and firms the appearance of your skin
• Reduces puffiness and helps improve elasticity
• Cools and calms the skin



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How to Use

Start from the center of the face and roll outward and upward toward the temples then down towards the nose in short strokes. Next, roll in an upward motion across the forehead.

Massage the chin and jawbone using long strokes starting at the chin, and roll up toward the bottom of the ears.

Lastly, gently roll back and forth down the sides of the neck moving toward the center of the clavicle.