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DERMOVIA Product Spotlight: Lace Your Face Clarifying Mulberry Leaf

Posted by Anita Sun

Hello fellow skin care addicts, and welcome back to this week’s installment of the DERMOVIA Product Spotlight Series! Each week, we’re taking you inside one of our signature products to show you everything you need to know: who the product is for, what it’s going to do for you, and the incredible complexion you’ll get as a result. If you’ve missed any of our installments over the last month, make sure to hit the archives for weeks 1 through 4, where we cover Lace Your Face Calming Chamomile, Brightening Bearberry, Hydrating Rose Water, and Smoothing Peptides!

This week, it’s all about getting clear with Lace Your Face Clarifying Mulberry Leaf! This is one of the heavy favorites in the Lace Your Face line (seriously… it’s got a bit of a cult following) so we’re super excited to dig in and give you an inside look at this product!

What does Clarifying Mulberry Leaf treat?

Clarifying Mulberry Leaf is a potent treatment formulated to clear and tighten pores, fight oil and breakouts, and calm and replenish the complexion. This treatment is a true acne-fighter, attacking acne at all angles by clearing the pores of excess dirt and oils, calming blemishes and irritation, and acting as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

The key ingredients in the Clarifying Mulberry Leaf include:

Mulberry Leaf

People who struggle with acne, breakouts, and oily skin typically have surface irritation. Mulberry Leaf acts as an anti-inflammatory that calms irritation and kicks redness to the curb, leaving you with a smooth, refreshed complexion.

Lentil Seed Extract

Acne and oil can also lead to enlarged pores, but thanks to lentil seed extract, the Clarifying Mulberry Leaf treatment will tighten those bad boys right up.

Vitamin C

Blemishes can leave your skin looking tired and dull, but the Vitamin C in this treatment will give your skin a brightening boost. This powerhouse antioxidant will also help to lighten any hyperpigmentation and protect the skin against damaging free radicals.

Aloe Extract

Aloe extract acts as a powerful antibacterial, killing any acne-causing bacteria in the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

Acne-prone skin is often the most dehydrated, as typical acne treatments strip the skin of moisture. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that binds moisture to the skin and adds a dose of hydration while mattifying the skin and keeping oil at bay.

Who is Clarifying Mulberry Leaf for?

In case you haven’t guessed, Clarifying Mulberry Leaf is a killer treatment for anyone with acne-prone skin or issues with excess oil. This treatment was specifically formulated to launch a full on assault on blemishes while controlling excess oil, killing acne-causing bacteria, tightening the pores, and reviving dull and dehydrated skin.

But you don’t have to be acne-prone in order to enjoy the Clarifying Mulberry Leaf! This treatment will help tighten pores, hydrate, and brighten the skin - acne or no acne. This is also a great treatment for anyone who struggles with hormonal breakouts during that-time-of-the-month… just pop one of these masks on and kick those period pimples to the curb!

The only people who will want to use the Clarifying Mulberry Leaf treatment sparingly are people with extremely dry skin. If this is you, just make sure you follow the treatment with a hydrating oil or moisturizer and keep treatments down to a few times a month when you need it most.


When is the best time to use Clarifying Mulberry Leaf?

Clarifying Mulberry Leaf is formulated to fight acne, oil, dullness, and blemish-related dehydration, making this a great treatment any time your skin could use a little bit of clarity or your pores could use a bit of tightening.

Some of our favorite uses for Clarifying Mulberry Leaf include:

Before A Big Event

If you’ve got an event where you need your skin to look its best - whether you’re walking down the aisle, walking down the red aisle, or walking into an interview for your dream job - the Clarifying Mulberry Leaf treatment is a must. This treatment will keep any last-minute breakouts at bay and will tighten your pores, giving you a smoother canvas for makeup application.

When It’s Hot And Humid

If you live in an area where the temperatures skyrocket and humidity is so thick you could cut the air with a knife, you’re bound to sweat more than usual. And all that excess sweat can trap dirt on your skin, clog your pores, and issue you a one-way ticket to breakout town.

The Clarifying Mulberry Leaf is great for humid weather. The treatment will kill acne-causing bacteria and clear your pores, leaving you blemish-free until you find your way to an air conditioner.

Post Sugar/Salt Binge

We ALL have days that where go off the deep end and ingest enough sugar or salt to feed a small country. No judgement here!

But all that sugar and salt can leave your skin in shambles. Using the Clarifying Mulberry Leaf treatment after ingesting too much of the sweet or salty stuff will get rid of toxins in your skin, recover lost moisture, and brighten your dull complexion (at least until the next time those cookies get the best of you!).

Clarifying Mulberry Leaf is a potent, powerful acne-fighter that clears and tightens pores while rehydrating, refreshing, and detoxifying the skin, leaving you with a smooth, clear complexion.

Have you given the Lace Your Face Clarifying Mulberry Leaf a shot? What’d you think? Leave your comments and questions below!

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