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Why You’ll Never Get The Makeup Look You Want Without The Right Skincare

Posted by Anita Sun

There’s a troubling trend we’ve seen recently here in the States. Americans are spending tons of money on high-end makeup products - everything from foundations to concealers to color correctors - in an effort to create the flawless look of their dreams. But when you ask them about their skincare regimen, they haven’t got much to say. Either their entire regimen consists of a drugstore moisturizer or - even worse - they’re not doing anything at all to treat their skin.

Don’t get us wrong - there is NOTHING wrong with investing in quality makeup products. But if you don’t also invest in quality skincare, you’re never going to get the makeup look you’re lusting after.

Think of it like laying a foundation before building your dream home. Without a solid foundation, it doesn’t matter what you build on top of it - it’s all going to fall apart.

It’s the same thing with skincare and makeup. Without a solid foundation (the right skincare regimen), anything you layer on top (your makeup products) just aren’t going to work.

Makeup Is Like A Band-Aid

The problem with investing all of your time, energy, and cash into makeup - and neglecting your skincare - is that you’re essentially using makeup as a band-aid.

You can buy foundations and concealers and color correctors to “mask” your skin issues like redness, dark spots, acne, and under-eye circles. But using makeup products to hide your skin imperfections is like putting a band-aid on a cut without applying any treatment to heal the wound.

And the longer you keep putting on that band-aid without addressing what’s going on underneath, the worse it’s going to get - and the more makeup products you’re going to need to conceal what’s going on with your skin.

Instead of focusing on hiding what’s going on with your skin, why not focus on fixing it? With the right skincare regimen, you can address all the issues you’re using makeup to hide. Instead of using a band-aid to cover things up, you can actually heal what’s going on underneath.

With The Right Skincare, Your Makeup Will Look Better

Again, we just want to point out we are NOT hating on makeup. We love makeup! But when you look at beauty regimens around the world - particularly in Asia and Europe - there’s a heavy focus on skincare. And that’s no accident.

With the right skincare products, not only will you address the underlying issues with your skin, but all those makeup products you spent an entire paycheck on? They’re actually going to look BETTER.

How Skincare Boosts Your Makeup Look

So, how exactly does taking care of your skin boost your makeup look?

Think of your skin as the canvas and your makeup as the paint. If you want your paint to look its best, you need to make sure you have a smooth, even canvas.

Issues with your skin - the canvas - can cause your makeup - the paint - to apply incorrectly. So, for example, if your skin is dry, your foundation will cling to the dry patches of your skin, giving you an uneven look. By exfoliating the skin to get rid of the dead surface skin cells and properly hydrating the skin, your foundation will apply more evenly and smoothly.

Or, as another example, let’s say you’re not properly cleansing your skin. Over time, your makeup will clog your pores and lead to blemishes, which will not only give an uneven texture to the skin, but you’ll be forced to use more foundation and concealer to cover them. By removing your makeup, cleansing your skin, and using the right products to keep your pores clear, you’ll avoid acne - and avoid having to use more product to cover that acne up.

The better care you take care of your skin, the better your makeup is going to look. And the better care you take of your skin, the less makeup you’ll have to use to get the look you’re going for - when your skin is flawless, you won’t need as much makeup to get the look you’re craving.

What Skincare Products Should You Use For A Proper Makeup Application?

Every person’s skin is different, which means every person is going to need a different skincare regimen to get the best results. But as a rule, if you want a flawless makeup application, these are the bare minimum steps you’ll need to follow:


Exfoliation is key for getting a smooth foundation application. It removes all the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and smoothes the skin’s texture, allowing foundation to glide easily over the skin. Try the DERMOVIA Lace Your Face Exfoliating Papaya for a gentle but effective exfoliation treatment that will refine pores, retexture the skin, and transform your face into the perfect canvas for makeup.


Proper hydration is a must-have to avoid dry patches on the skin that can lead to uneven makeup application. Products rich in hyaluronic acid will bind moisture to the skin and give you a plump, hydrated look. Start with a serum, like the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster, followed by a moisturizer. We love the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream - the lightweight, gel-like texture disappears into the skin, adding hydration without heaviness, making it a go-to for pre-makeup application.

Don’t Forget About The Eyes

Because the skin is so thin, the eye area is typically the first place on the face to show the signs of aging. And without the right products, your makeup can and will settle into those fine lines, giving a cakey appearance to your concealer and foundation. Combat fine lines with an eye cream that contains retinol, a potent anti-ager that can help keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream is a great product that won’t break the bank (it’s only $19.99!).

Look, if you’re all about makeup, don’t worry - we’re not trying to change you! There’s nothing wrong with loving makeup. But if you’re using makeup as a mask to hide your skincare issues, try shifting your focus to taking care of your skin. Not only will you have less you feel like you need to hide, but when you invest in the right products, you’ll actually be happier with your makeup. It’s a win-win!

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