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The 9 Best Anti-Aging Essential Oils to Include in Your Skincare Routine

Posted by Anita Sun

When a person begins to age, the collagen within their skin will start to break down, which results in the skin losing some of its elasticity. When this occurs, it's common for wrinkles and other signs of aging to develop on the skin. Even though there are a wide range of different products that can be used to reduce the appearance and amount of wrinkles that are present on your skin, it's highly recommended that you choose essential oils to treat these issues.

Essential oils are natural compounds that are extracted from different plants around the world. Once an essential oil is removed from a plant, it will continue to have the flavor and scent of the plant itself, which means that every essential oil is distinct. The top essential oils that can be purchased for the skin include everything from lavender and avocado oil to rosemary and lemon. The oils that you use depend entirely on which ones you prefer and which benefits you want to apply to your skin.

Essential oils are considered to be great natural alternatives to chemical lotions and creams. The chemicals in these solutions can adversely affect the skin, which is why you should consider using a natural alternative. Before you select some oils for your skincare routine, this article offers an in-depth guide to 10 of the most effective anti-aging essential oils available to you.

1. Rosemary

Rosemary is a highly popular herb that's primarily used because of the antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that it has. The herb also has a very unique flavor that stands out among the other essential oils on this list. While rosemary can be purchased in several different forms, it can be bought as an essential oil that can be applied to the wrinkles on your skin.

Once applied to the skin, the antioxidants that are found in rosemary should prevent the development of wrinkles by effectively stopping any free radicals from reducing the elasticity of the skin. Results should be had within a week after you have started using the oil. Other benefits to your skin include improvements in circulation and a reduction in inflammation.

2. Lemon

Lemon is among the most popular essential oils because of the high vitamin C content contained within. Eating lemons can also help a person bolster the health of their immune system. When using this essential oil, it's possible to reduce the overall appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. Like rosemary, lemon oil can prevent some of the damage that's caused to skin by oxidation.

Sun damage can also be prevented with lemon oil, which should keep your skin from developing wrinkles after exposure to the sun. The vitamin C contained within lemon protects your skin cells from exposure to ultraviolet rays. Keep in mind that these oils will invariably increase the sensitivity that your skin has to the sun. This heightened sensitivity lasts for several hours, which is why the ideal time to use lemon oil is just before going to bed.

3. Clary Sage

Clary sage is a very sweet plant that's considerably different than traditional sage. This particular oil is known to have a certain amount of antioxidant effects, which makes it very effective at reducing the appearance of wrinkles and preventing their formation. A study found that this herb could prevent proteins and DNA from being damaged by free radicals, which are molecules that can break down collagen in the skin and lead to the development of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

4. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a type of oil that's known for having some anti-inflammatory effects. This oil is extracted from various aromatic woods found throughout the world and has been commonly used in the treatment of certain skin diseases.

When this substance is applied as an oil to the skin, it will effectively moisturize the skin and keep your skin from drying out, which should significantly lessen the appearance of any wrinkles that are currently present on your skin. The astringent properties of sandalwood should also assist in promoting the skin cycle, which means that dead skin cells will be removed instead of building up.

5. Lavender

Lavender is an oil that has a very calming aroma to it. Because of this pleasant aroma, the oil is typically used in bath products and aromatherapy. Over the past decade, an increasing number of studies have been published on the benefits that are provided by lavender. These studies have found that lavender oil can reduce the amount of oxidative stress on the brain. This ensures that the affected individual benefits from relaxed muscles and a slower heartbeat while sleeping.

It's also possible for the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to be reduced when lavender oil has been applied directly to the skin. If your skin appears to be dull and stressed-out, the application of lavender oil could rejuvenate your skin and provide it with a more youthful appearance. Keep in mind that lavender comes in many forms, which include everything from an oil to a body lotion.

6. Jojoba

Jojoba is an oil that's taken from the jojoba plant that's found in Southern California and other areas throughout Southwest United States. The seeds are known to have a waxy texture to them, while the plant itself is commonly used for skin ailments and has been for hundreds of years.

Jojoba seeds consist of a high amount of moisture, which makes it easy to create an essential oil from the plant. Along with lessening the appearance of your wrinkles, this type of oil can reduce acne, help with inflammation, stimulate collagen production, and lessen skin lesions once applied to the skin. The oil is rich in vitamin E, vitamin B, and zinc.

7. Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil is notable for being a powerful antioxidant, which is why it's a common ingredient in many skincare products. Many people use vitamin E in order to reduce their cholesterol levels. Along with the standard health benefits, vitamin E oil can help bolster the condition and appearance of your skin when applied topically.

This substance is able to fight against free radicals, which can be very beneficial in keeping skin cancer at bay. Keep in mind that this particular oil is known to be a carrier oil for other essential oils that you use, which means that it can boost the effects of essential oils. Almond oil, apricot oil, and grapeseed oil are three additional oils that are similar in potency to vitamin e oil.

8. Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is a wonderful oil that's derived from avocados. This oil has an ample amount of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. If the oil is derived from the seeds of the avocado plant, it can enhance the collagen in your skin, which should improve the appearance of your skin and reduce wrinkles. Because of the anti-inflammatory effects of avocado oil, this substance can also help with cuts and scrapes.

9. Argan Oil

Argan oil is a substance that's derived from argan trees. These trees are found in Morocco and produce a rich oil that has been used for hair care, skincare, and eating. Many creams and styling products consist of some argan oil. Like vitamin E, argan oil is considered to be a carrier oil, which means that it can bolster collagen production and increase the elasticity of your skin.

Over time, the appearance of your wrinkles should improve. A study performed in 2015 found that this oil can enhance skin elasticity for women who lost the elasticity when postmenopausal. The women who took argan oil in this study used it on a daily basis for around two months.

10. Frankincense

Frankincense is an oil that's derived from the frankincense plant that's native to India and the Middle East. This oil has been found to reduce the appearance of sun spots once applied. It's also believed that it can prevent the formation of sun spots in the first place.

Additional skincare benefits include improvements in skin tone and a reduction in the overall appearance of wrinkles. Frankincense oil can also promote the growth of new skin cells and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring on your skin. The reduction in stretch marks is great for women who are pregnant or have recently given birth.

How To Apply Essential Oils to Your Skin

Once you have selected the top essential oil that you would like to apply to your skin, it's time to go through the process of applying the oil. Keep in mind that the essential oil you choose should first be diluted within a carrier oil like vitamin E or argan oil. Additional carrier oils include coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil. This part of the process is necessary to ensure that the main essential oil that you use doesn't irritate the skin.

Before applying, make sure that you mix the two oils within a bowl or bottle. If you have sensitive skin, it's recommended that you use one ounce of your carrier oil with every 3-6 drops of the essential oil that you're using. For people with normal skin, one ounce of your carrier oil should be combined with 6-15 drops of an essential oil.

To test the final solution, place it on a small area of your skin around 24-36 hours before placing the oil on other and larger areas of the skin. In the event that your skin still becomes irritated within the first 24 hours after use, you may be allergic to the solution. On the other hand, the absence of irritation means that the essential oil of your choice can be applied to your skin 1-2 times per day.

Essential oils are natural alternatives that you can include in your skincare routine without needing to worry about the damage that can be done by chemicals found in other anti-aging products. Whether you select rosemary or jojoba oil, all of the essential oils on this list should lessen the appearance of wrinkles on your skin and provide additional benefits that can improve your appearance and provide you with a more youthful countenance.

Comments & Discussion

  • Anjali Sharma

    Thank you for the information in the blog. It can help getting rid of stretch marks. However, I have a personal recommendation, a natural oil, that worked for me. I used to have stretch marks all over thighs, hips and arms, but after applying Blimey’s Stretch Marks oil, it changed. The redness has gone, and the stretch marks have faded.
    Here are the things I like about the product
    Natural and free from chemical
    Hydrated my skin and reduce the appearance of the marks
    Soften the damaged skin
    Balanced the oil production quotient in my skin

    May 12, 2022

  • Melissa

    I’ve been using essential oils for over 11 years now. I rotate my fave oils every night. I use Neroli and sweet almond on my fave , lavender, Clary sage and apricot oil, then I also use Geranium, pama rosa and Roman chamomile together. I get ot of compliments on my skin. I just purchased frankincense. Its said to be an amazing skin tonic . I just don’t care for the smell. I have dry, aging facial skin. My daughter who is 25 has acne prone , oily skin. She uses Bergomot, tea tree, lemon and lavender. Her Cne is cleared. I’ve essential oils, they all have many different uses !

    March 14, 2022

  • Shyamsunder Gupta

    No reply is given to questions asked by readers

    March 14, 2022

  • Afrika Jacks

    Can you use a different essentials oil mixture each day of the week?
    Mon – lemon mixture
    Tue – rosemary mixture

    August 24, 2022

  • Moksha Essentials

    Great Article… I love to read your articles because your writing style is too good, it is very very helpful for all of us.
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    Carrier oils

    March 14, 2022

  • Marilyn

    Can I mix all of this oil with coconut oil to make body lotion.

    November 09, 2021

  • Delia Lopez

    Can I mix more than one essential oil, like three with vitamin E as a carrier base?

    October 26, 2021

  • Tina

    Do u leave on skin or wash off

    August 04, 2021

  • Ann

    Can you mix all these oils together in a vitamin E carrier base?

    August 04, 2021

  • Laura L Valentine

    Can you mix a few or even all of these anti-aging oils together?

    July 20, 2021

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