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The Ultimate Guide to the Korean Double Cleansing Method

Posted by Anita Sun

When you're searching for the best upgrades to your current skincare routine, you should look into the Korean double cleanse. While people tend to overlook the basic face wash that starts any skincare routine, it should be a priority for you. The Korean double-cleansing method involves cleansing your face in two separate steps, the first of which uses a simple oil-based cleanser. This cleanser is followed up by a water-based cleanser. Together, these two cleanses work to provide your face with the kind of deep clean that isn't possible with a single cleanse.

The first oil-based cleanser that you use can get rid of such impurities as pollutants, sebum, and SPF. The water-based cleanser that you use after the first cleanser should effectively remove sweat and dirt to provide your face with a clean canvas that's free from impurities. By removing all of the dirt, sweat, and other impurities that can clog your pores, acne breakouts and other skin blemishes can be effectively prevented with the Korean double cleanse.

This particular skincare routine originated in Korea or Japan back in the fourteenth century. In Korea, oil-based cleanses were first used to remove face powders from the skin or to smooth them on. Rice water was then applied to the face to remove impurities. As for Japan, they used the double-cleansing method for an entirely different reason. Women in Japan typically wore a type of white paint on their face, which could only be removed with an oil-based cleanse. A water-based cleanser was then used to rejuvenate the skin and get rid of any oil residue. If you're interested in the Korean double-cleansing method, this guide provides you with everything you should know before applying it to your skincare routine.
Key Takeaways:
  • Korean double-cleansing is a method that uses two types of cleansers to clean the skin of all impurities and dirts that dates back to the fourteenth century.
  • Each method should be done on average 1-2 times a day for best results.
  • This method provides your skin with a deep clean that might be necessary after wearing makeup, a long day, or working out.

The Two Steps in Korean Double Cleansing

There are two separate steps involved with the Korean double-cleansing method. These steps include applying an oil-based cleanser and applying a water-based cleanser. If you have oily skin, consider using a gentler oil-based cleanser. Most skin types, however, will be able to use oil-based cleansers without issue.

Step 1: Oil-based Cleanser

oil cleanser

The first step of the Korean double-cleansing method involves using an oil-based cleanser on your face. These cleansers can be purchased in solid or liquid form. If you purchase an oil-based cleanser in solid form, it's available as a cream or balm. Keep in mind that not all oil-based cleansers are the same in quality. The majority of plant-based oils are considered to be comedogenic, which means that they can clog your pores. You can look at this guide to learn more about which oils have a low comedogenic rating and won't clog up your pores.

When you apply an oil-based cleanser to your skin, non-polar molecules will be attracted to the cleanser. If these molecules remain on your skin, they will cause irritation, which only serves to worsen the health and quality of your skin. The molecules that are removed when an oil-based cleanser is applied to your face include pollutants, sunscreen, and sebum. Some of the products that contain these molecules can cause infection and discoloration if they aren't removed correctly.

When the oil-based cleanser that you use binds to the molecules, all that you need to do is rinse or cleanse your face with water to get rid of the molecules. If you use oil-based cleansers properly, they should be able to keep your face and skin hydrated. Any notable wrinkles on your skin can also be lessened in severity when you use this type of cleanser.

When you want to use an oil-based cleanser, make sure that you only apply the solution when your skin is fully dry. Keep in mind that lathering isn't needed with these products. Because these cleansers remove unwanted oils from the face, your appearance will be strange until the cleanser is rinsed off. When you see the oils moving around, this means that the cleanser is working.

Once you have massaged the oil-based cleanser into your skin, mix a little water into the substance before you continue to massage your skin. The mixture will then turn milky, after which you can remove the cleanser from your skin with a soft washcloth. There are several different types of oil-based cleansers that you should look into.

For instance, the Face Shop rice water cleansing oil includes highly beneficial amino acids and vitamins that can effectively cleanse the skin. Since this product isn't comprised of mineral oil, your skin won't be irritated you use the cleanser. This cleansing oil is ideal for individuals with oily and combination skin types.

Another product you should look into is the Hanskin pore cleansing oil, which consists of polyhydroxy acids that are able to effectively remove dead cells from your skin. This product is very mild, which means that it can be used by anyone with sensitive skin. By unclogging the pores on your skin, you should be able to keep acne breakouts at bay.

Step 2: Water-Based Cleanser

water-based cleanser

When you have applied and rinsed off an oil-based cleanser, you can then move on to using a water-based cleanser, which is essential if you want to remove any remaining oil from your skin. These cleansers can be purchased in non-foaming and foaming options. If you select a foaming cleanser, you can expect the cleanser to be more alkaline than non-foaming cleansers. The problem with alkaline cleansers is that they can cause the skin to become irritated, which is why people with sensitive skin should avoid them.

Water-based cleansers are very similar to oil-based ones with the main difference being that they are able to get rid of polar molecules like dirt and sweat. Since all non-polar molecules have already been removed from your skin, using a water-based cleanser should help you get rid of any remaining impurities. The main goal after using a water-based cleanser should be for your skin to feel soft and adequately hydrated.

The method for applying a water-based cleanser to your face depends on the type of cleanser that you choose. For a foaming cleanser, make sure to wet your face before applying the product. You should then gently massage the skin. As for non-foaming cleansers, consider applying the cleanser to your face with a soft sponge, which will build up a lather and keep skin irritation at bay.

There are a variety of different water-based cleansers that you can select for your skin. For instance, the Innisfree Blueberry Rebalancing Cleanser helps to rebalance the acidic levels of your skin. When you use this product, your skin should also be able to absorb other skincare solutions more effectively. The antioxidants in the blueberry ingredient nourish the skin, which allows for a healthier and plumper complexion.

Another water-based cleanser that you can use is the Snowise cleansing foam, which consists of clay components that can readily remove dirt and similar impurities from your skin. You'll also obtain a brighter complexion as a result of the Korean herbs that are included in the product. Because this cleanser has a pH level that would be considered slightly acidic, your skin shouldn't be irritated too much when compared to alkaline solutions.

Benefits of Double Cleansing for Your Skin

The benefits of double cleansing are many. It's a very simple cleansing technique that's necessary for truly healthy skin. The primary benefit is that double cleansing your skin will remove nearly all impurities, which means that your skin should remain healthy and free from acne breakouts.

It's also important to understand that using the Korean double-cleansing method will provide your skin with a clean canvas, which means that any makeup or skincare products that are applied to your skin will be absorbed much more effectively. When you decide to use the double-cleansing method on your skin, you can do so 1-2 times every day. Many people choose to cleanse their face in the morning and evening.

Over Cleansing

over cleansing

While you can wash your face every day with the double-cleansing method, keep in mind that it's possible to over-cleanse, which can result in your skin being harmed on a long-term basis. While it's beneficial to have oils and other impurities removed from your skin, some of the natural oils and moisture that are removed when using face cleansers are able to keep the skin protected from the elements and other factors.

Soaps are considered to be alkaline in nature, which is why it's important to obtain a cleanser with a pH level that would be considered acidic. The cleanser that you choose should have a pH level that's lower than seven. The ideal pH level for a cleanser is around 5-6. If your cleanser has a pH level that's higher than seven, your skin will feel clean yet tight, which means that additional products would likely need to be added to your skin to properly moisturize and hydrate it.

The Korean double-cleansing method is a fantastic way to enhance your skincare routine without needing to worry about substantially altering it. This cleansing method will prepare your skin for any other skincare products that you use, which should provide you with a more natural and healthy appearance. While both of these cleansers are effective on their own, using only one of them means that an ample amount of impurities will remain on your face. The best thing about this technique is that it can be used by all skin types.

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